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We are open for business - during this crisis, we offer remote legal advice to our new and valued clients and third parties. We can work via Facetime, Whatsapp, Skype and Zoom. Please call 0208 232 9560 or complete a contact form to arrange service.

Oaths and Certifications

Our experienced solicitors can administer oaths for you.

We have seals and stamps which will be placed on the documents under oath. More information on what exactly this means click here.

Change of Name Deed

Garner & Hancock may be the best option if you need a Change of Name Deed also know as a Declaration of a Change of Name.
We can assist in different situations, either changing the name from your married name to your maiden one, by simply removing your middle name, or providing further legal advice in more delicate occasions as changing the name of a child. Our broad experience ensures that we can give a very quick turn around for such documents.

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Independent Legal Advice Certificate

Mortgage companies very often require Independent Legal advice certificates to be signed by a solicitor. Your own conveyancing solicitor will be unable to offer this service as the mortgage company requires another independent solicitor to advise on the transaction. This is where we come in.

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Barclays Independent Legal Advice Certificate

In frequent circumstances, Barclays will require an Independent Legal advice certificates to be signed by a solicitor.
We offer a speedy, professional service to get your transaction finalized.

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Other Certification Services:

Certify True Copies

We seal and certify true copies for the Foreign office and international requirements (some do not require notorisation).

Certifications of Identity

Now a day’s many authorities and procedures require certifications of identities we can deal with this normally no appointment is required.


Witnessing Signatures

Some documents require a witness to be a Solicitor. We can check you identity and witness your signature.


Photo Identities

We can certify “a true likeness” and endorse photos

Legalise Documents

We can apply on your behalf to the Foreign and Commonwealth office to Legalise Documents

Our Guarantee

No Hidden Charges

  • When we quote you a fee there are no other hidden charges.
  • The price is fixed.
  • No need for an appointment (for Oaths)
  • We have parking outside our offices

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