Vinay Tanna

Managing Director
Solicitor (Dispute Resolution) and Notary Public

Vinay has been a solicitor for over 25 years and is managing director of the firm.

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Vinay has been a solicitor for over 25 years and is managing director of the firm.

His experience extends from matrimonial cases to complex civil litigation disputes. His expertise in contested inheritance matters has also helped to resolve many disputes between bereaved family members including a nationally reported case Banfield -v- Campbell [2018] Law Report).

In addition to his practice as a solicitor, he is a registered Notary Public and regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

He has written a book on matrimonial finance and other guides books. He regularly writes articles and speaks about legal issues. He and his partner, Jakub Kotan host a regular podcast on topical matters.

Outside of the office, he sits on many charity boards and is a pro bono advisor to several charitable institutions. He serves as His Majesty’s a Deputy Lieutenant of Hertfordshire.

Vinay writes poetry, runs and is a keen gardener. He also graciously loses to his son at golf.

Notable Cases

  • Patel -v- Patel [2023] – Family final trial dealing with is issues of need and potential earning capacity – Family Division of the High Court
  • Mangat -v- Mangat [2023] – Preliminary issue dealing with beneficial interest in a property – High Court
  • Banfield -v- Campbell [2018] – Inheritance family dispute reported Case – Law Report
  • Rouse -v- Petrou [2018] – Disputed beneficial ownership of property, equitable accounting
  • Arabi -v- Arabi [2017] – Company issues, quasi-Partnership, registration Property dispute
  • Friend -v- Friend [2015] – Financial proceedings in divorce dealing with financial conduct
  • Virdee -v- Virdee [2013] [RPTS] – Determination of Beneficial Interest
  • Shaw v Finnimore & Anor, Court of Appeal Chancery Division, [2009] EWHC 367 (Ch) – Property, Debt/Gifts, Fraud. Law Report
  • Mudhar -v- Mudhar [2009] – Property issues and fraud
  • Karia -v- Ruperalia [2009] – dispute of company Charge, duress, non-est factum
  • Patel -v- Rostamkhani & others[2008] – Liability, Landlord & Tenant
  • Kapoor -v- Kapoor [2004] – Father intervening in Divorce proceedings to protect his interest in properties

Guide to Completing Form-E & Over 200 Questions Answered on Finances in Divorce:

Helping you to complete the form e, with hints and tips and answering questions on the financial aspects of divorce.

When completing the Form E, most squander this opportunity by not understanding the subtle importance of the questions and how each answer will be used later in court case. The Form E is the centre piece of your whole case and getting this right is at an early stage will give you an immense advantage and even legal costs.

Vinay has taken his 25 years of divorce law experience and put it in this book. Over 200 questions on Finances in Divorce, in a FAQ style giving answers in a clear and informative way, allowing you to make better decisions on how to proceed with your case cost effectively.

Professional Organisations


  • Financial Relief in Divorce- Questions Answered
  • Pre-marital agreement Toolkit
  • Essential Guide to Financial disclosure in Matrimonial Finances – Form E

Legal Profiles

  • Pro bono advisor at the local Law Centre
  • Trustee and Legal Counsel for various Charities
  • Director of the Avanti Schools Trust
  • Notary Public – Regulated by the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury


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