Garner & Hancock Equality and Diversity Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy 2023

In 2011, the Legal Services Board released their decision paper addressing the enhancement of diversity and promotion of social mobility within the legal workforce. This directive compels authorised regulatory bodies, such as the SRA, to ensure the availability of a comprehensive body of evidence concerning the varied characteristics of the legal workforce.

To adhere to the regulations, we review our data bi-annually and report and publish data about the diversity makeup of our workforce every two years. You can download our complete diversity data here.

This approach fosters an environment free from discrimination and provides equal opportunities for all. At G&H, our organisational culture revolves around equity.

Promoting diversity and social mobility allows us to champion workplace equality and eradicate any type of harassment within our sector, thereby maintaining a professional atmosphere. The expansion of diversity in our workforce will lead to the growth of our enterprise.

We firmly believe this will enhance productivity, cultural awareness, and empower our employees to reach their full potential. Each member of our current workforce team brings their unique background to the legal profession, enabling us to better serve our clients.

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