Kiran Walia

Director and Head of Property

Kiran is a specialist property Solicitor at Garner & Hancock. She has over 20 years experience in dealing with all aspects of residential and commercial property work.

Linkedin Profile:

Kiran is a highly skilled property solicitor with over 22 years of expertise in both residential and commercial property matters as well as lease extensions. During her professional career, she has worked mainly in firms based in the city of London and West London.

She has cultivated a wealth of experience dealing with a diverse clientele, including private individuals, corporate landlords, large companies, developers, foreign investors, and mortgage lenders.

Kiran’s extensive background includes advising on intricate and high-value transactions, showcasing her comprehensive understanding of property law. Much of Kiran’s work is generated by her long-term clients who repeatedly seek her services. Her dedication to her clients and her commitment to delivering exceptional service make her a trusted and valued member of the Garner & Hancock team.

One of the distinctive qualities that sets Kiran apart is her approachability and grounded demeanour. Her clients consistently praise her for her ability to explain legal jargon in plain language, making the legal process understandable and accessible to all. This approachability helps foster trust and comfort, ensuring that clients feel heard and valued throughout their property-related journey. Her expertise, dedication, and approachable nature have made her the go-to solicitor for clients seeking assistance with property-related legal matters.

In her spare time, Kiran prioritises spending quality moments with her family and friends, emphasising the importance of work-life balance. An avid reader, she enjoys delving into a wide variety of books.  Cooking is another passion of hers, and she relishes in experimenting with diverse cuisines.

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