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We bring a wealth of experience to assist you with matters relating to the financial aspects of your divorce, protecting your property and assets from any divorce or separation. We also advise unmarried couples who are separating to secure their finances.

All our solicitors are committed members of Resolution, which is an association of accredited family lawyers promoting an approach to family law that is sensitive, constructive, cost-effective and most likely to result in an agreement.

What is a pre-nuptial agreement?

A prenuptial agreement, also referred to as a pre-marital agreement or prenup, is a legal contract signed by both parties before getting married. This agreement outlines how various financial and other matters will be handled in the event of separation or breakdown of the marriage, including division of assets, spousal support, and other related matters.

These agreements can provide a sense of security and clarity for both parties, and can help to minimize conflict and uncertainty in the event of a marriage breakdown.

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Cohabitation – Did you know?

Around 2.2 million unmarried couples in the UK are cohabiting. Whether as a trial run, a prelude to marriage, or as an alternative to it, cohabitation is now an expected part of forming relationships and has contributed to some profound changes in family formation over the last decades in the UK.

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“Expert advice, crystal clear, incredibly responsive, really helpful – we waited several weeks for another law firm to help us and Garner and Hancock managed to do in 48 hours what they hadn’t been able to do in a month! Thanks so much to Vinay, Nancy and the team.”

Andrew Chapman, May 2021
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“I had a very pleasant experience with Garner & Hancock Solicitors. GH team were professional and very responsive by keeping me informed throughout the process, even during the coronavirus pandemic. I will recommend them to my friends and family”

Ms R. Chen

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