Guide to Completing Form E & Over 200 Questions Answered on Finances in Divorce

Helping you to complete the form e, with hints and tips and answering questions on the financial aspects of divorce.

When completing the Form E, most squander this opportunity by not understanding the subtle importance of the questions and how each answer will be used later in court case. The Form E is the centre piece of your whole case and getting this right is at an early stage will give you an immense advantage and even legal costs.

Vinay has taken his 25 years of divorce law experience and put it in this book. Over 200 questions on Finances in Divorce, in a FAQ style giving answers in a clear and informative way, allowing you to make better decisions on how to proceed with your case cost effectively.

About the Author – Mr Vinay Tanna

Vinay Tanna studied at UCL and Royal Holloway, University of London. He has been a solicitor for over 25 years and is now Managing Director at Garner & Hancock.

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Chapters included

  • What is a Form E?
  • Questions before you start proceedings
  • What factors do the court consider when deciding the finance?
  • How does the court consider property matters
  • Tax and Divorce
  • Jewellery and gifts
  • Assets owned by others (parents and business partners)
  • Maintenance If a spouse is trying to get rid of their assets or hide them, what should i do?
  • Pre-nuptial agreement Should I attempt Mediation?
  • General questions

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