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Oaths and Certification


Deed Stamp


Administer Oaths and certifications

We can administer oaths. We have seals and stamps which will be placed on the documents under oath. More information of what exactly this means click here.


Certify True Copies

We seal and certify true copies for the Foreign office and international requirements (some do not require notorisation). Normally it is not advisable to release original documents but to send certified documents.

WEB PIC 3Certifications of Identity.

Now a day’s many authorities and procedures require certifications of identities we can deal with this normally no appointment is required.

We can Certify your identity for Transfer of property called ID1 see below

For Passport guidance, check on your form or the the following link click here

Witnessing Signatures

Some documents require a witness to be a Solicitor. We can check you identity and witness your signature.

garner & hancock certificationPhoto Identities

We can certify “a true likeness” and endorse photos.

For passports check the rules


Legalise Documents

We can apply on your behalf to the Foreign and Commonwealth office to Legalise Documents

ID1 – required by the Land Registry.

This is a form required if you are transferring a property.
We can usually see you the same day. You need to bring with you two passport size photographs, your passport and utility bill with your address.
Once we complete this form the Land Registry will phone the solicitor to confirm that is has been executed properly only then will the transfer be approved.

Check out the guidance [CLICK] hereLand-Registry

No appointment necessary

Most of the above do not require an appointment but it is best you call ahead first.

If you are not sure what you need, phone us on 020 8232 9560 (press 2) for quick advice.