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Ten questions fr0m the older LGBT community (They equally apply to the unmarried straight)

By Nigel George (TEP)*

*Member of the Society of Trust Estate Practitioners (STEPS)


Q.1       I would like to involve my partner in my affairs, but I don’t want to have to discuss our relationship with others?

Q.2       I want my partner to arrange my funeral.  I don’t want my family interfering.  How can I avoid this? 

Q.3       My partner and I are not married or Civil partners.  But we have been together for 30 years surely that means they will inherit all of my estate? 

Q.4.      My partner and I have both made Wills leaving everything to each other.  Surely that is sufficient?

Q.5.      Does the fact that my partner and I have lived together for 30 years count for nothing? 

Q.6.      My partner and I bought a house together 25 years ago.  I was not working at the time and therefore the mortgage proceeded in my partner’s sole name.  As a consequence, the property was transferred into their sole name.  We have however always treated the house as a jointly owned asset.  We equally contributed to paying off the mortgage and have jointly maintained the property.  My partner has now died without a Will.  My partner’s sister now claims that the house is hers under the intestacy rules and I will have to leave.  What can I do? 

Q.7.      My partner and I can see absolutely no advantage in getting married.  It is an outdated institution.  

Q.8.      I have heard that the Equality Act now makes it illegal to discriminate against me on the grounds of my sexual orientation.  Is that true?

Q.9.      I am worried that if I have to go and live in a nursing home I will be discriminated against on the grounds of my sexual orientation.

Q.10.    My healthcare worker asked me why a nice person like me was homosexual.  What can I do about this?