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Legal Advice for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT)

At Garner & Hancock we have acted for well known gay and lesbian personalities and  provide expertise to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and couples. We arez on the Stonewall panel. See our equality and diversity policy.

The issues arising from the LGBT community is not uncommon to people of all parts of society. However, we at Garner & Hancock understand the particular needs and provide the necessary expertise  to this community.

Same Sex couples Living together

We can advise on issues concerning, cohabitation, and legal problems arising when buying property together. or Buying out the other’s interest in a property.  Some couples consider cohabitation and Separation Agreements to help regulate their living arrangements. Even consider a pre-Nuptial Agreement to protect their assets.

Relationship Breakdown for Civil Partners and in Marriage

There are numerous issues when a relationship ends including children issues and even how both parties approach shared Parenting. We can advise on all these issues. One of the main worries is how to manage the financial claims  that each party is making. We are expertise in trying to achieve full and final settlement agreement between the parties. This can be done by arbitration or mediation.

Employment Matters

Wealth Protection

We are able to help with:

Speak to one of our team today in complete confidence to discuss any issues you have or for legal advice in any of these areas.

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Vinay Tanna – Employment and Settlement Agreements – 0208 232 9566


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