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Cohabitation – Legal issues


Did you know?

Around 2.2 million unmarried couples in the UK are cohabiting.

Whether as a trial run, a prelude to marriage, or as an alternative to it, cohabitation is now an expected part of forming relationships and has contributed to some profound changes in family formation over the last decades in the UK. Increasingly, children are being born to cohabiting couples. In 2008, 45% of births in England and Wales were outside of marriage compared with 8% in 1971.

How to protect yourself

You need to protect yourself if you are cohabiting or contemplating living with someone.

If you then decide to split up it can bring about disputes on a number of issues. Our experience suggests that they tend to be about matters such as maintenance, the division of savings and other investments and very frequently about what is to occur in the family home.

Have you thought of having  the following put in place to protect your home, assets and income?

  • Trust Deed
  • Cohabitation agreement
  • Pre-nuptial agreement
  • Deed of Severance
  • Letter of intention and or a Memorandum of Understanding
  • Setting a Lasting Power of Attorney

We offer all the above on Fixed fees so you know exactly where you are.

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