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The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill

Since the publication of our previous article, “Whose Fault is Divorce?” notable progress has been made in relation to updating the law governing divorce. This follows substantial criticism of the current law, which requires proof of one of five ‘facts’ in order to demonstrate that the marriage has ... Read More >>

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Will they, won’t they?

Just as soon as it was back, it was gone again. The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill, originally introduced by Theresa May’s government, was lost when the Queens Speech was called in September, then reinstated, then lost again to the general election. It is now unclear whether this ... Read More >>

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Pre-Nuptial or No-Nuptial

Pre-Nuptial or No-Nuptial The prime motivation behind getting a pre-nuptial agreement after protecting a family asset is simply to make sure that in the event of a divorce things go smoothly and all the fuss is taken out of the divorce process. However, there is perhaps not enough thought given to ... Read More >>

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