How to approach the subject of Prenuptials

Such subjects are often delicate and emotionally tied. These considerations are usually at a time of great stress with wedding plans and family pressures. In my experience I give the following tips.

  1. Such discussions are sometimes prompted by the intention of protecting assets which have been given to you or protecting assets handed down to you by family. So use the family as a reason to explain why it is important to have such an agreement in place.
  2. Such discussions should be straight forward and hidden agendas are not a good idea. It should be frank, sincere and cards on the table.
  3. Like with any discussion which involves money or assets, it should be done in a neutral setting, at a neutral time. For example not at a time when so much is going on.
  4. Such discussion are a great skill and being brave about such matters will also give both of you a skill set that you can use later to grapple with uncomfortable subjects.
  5. Getting generic advice from one solicitor may help before broaching the subject. Or simply get two new solicitors for both of you. Such initial advice will clear the air and give the parties an opportunity to listen to what prenuptial agreements are, rather than fear them.

Where do I find a specialist firm which deals with Pre-nuptial agreement?

The first is to find a member who is a member of Resolution.

These are experienced family practitioners who both have a wealth of knowledge but also have a code of practice which reduces costs and acrimony between the parties. They are trained to high level and most of the work load is such family cases.

The next is to talk to the solicitor on the phone. You need to feel right about someone whom you are going to confide in. If a solicitor does not come on the phone, he/she may not have time to deal with your case. If the solicitor simply tries you to commit to a meeting and not give general advice over the phone, then that solicitor may not be right either.

For more information on Prenuptial Agreement feel free to browse our prenuptial section for some free advice.

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