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Landlord Legal Services


Obtaining possession orders and eviction of tenants –

We provide a fully inclusive legal service for landlords

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How do I get a possession order and evict my tenants?


Rent Arrears – Possession Order

We offer fixed fees orders under S8 of the Housing Act. From Preparation of the notice and schedule of arrears to service (if required) and affidavit of service prepared, through to the application and attendance at the hearing and securing a  possession order. We have a regular blog for Landlords

S21 Notice and Accelerated possession proceedings.

This is the most common form of possession action. We have the know how and experience to secure a possession order as quickly as possible. Click for advice and information


How can we help in managing your buy-to-let property?

Increasing Rent Notice

Most landlords forget they have the right to increase rent at the end of the tenancy (or when it becomes periodic)

Drafting Assured Shorthold Tenancies

Why pay the agent a hefty fee of 8-10% for the life of the tenancy.  If you have found your own tenant you need a well drafted agreement. The standard agreements are fine, but our agreement will deal many of eventualities which you may come across.

Deposit Schemes

For most landlords this is simple, but some can come a cropper. Either failing to place the deposit in the scheme or doing so in a timely fashion. You may need help in securing your deposit for the Tenants breaches, and we are expert in this.  Click here for our comprehensive advice

Protecting your buy-to-let Property

We have a full service to look after your property portfolio – Click Here

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