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Residential conveyancing

Guide to Residential Conveyancing


  • What will you do to sell my house?
  • What will you do to buy my house?
  • What will you do when you receive the draft contracts?
  • What happens after Exchange of contracts?
  • What disbursements will you charge me?
  • What is the stamp duty at the moment?

Selling your Property

When selling your Property, Instruct your solicitor as soon as possible. We will then:

  • Obtain the deeds
  • Upon agreed sale send draft contract to buyer’s solicitors
  • Obtain from seller replies to Property Information and Fixtures and Fittings Forms and/or replies to enquiries raised by buyer’s solicitors
  • Agree completion date and form of contact and send to seller for approval and signature
  • Exchange contracts
  • Approve form of Transfer and send to seller for signature
  • Obtain up to date redemption statement
  • Complete sale and discharge seller’s mortgage
  • Send deeds to buyer’s solicitors


Buying your Property

Upon instructions we will make some or all of the following searches:

Local Authority Search

This will check if there are any: Conveyancing Disbursements

  • Road building proposals
  • Planning permissions
  • Charges on the property
  • Outstanding notices
  • Public or private drains
  • Compulsory Purchase Orders
  • Railway Construction Proposals

Commons Land and Town and Village Green Search:

  • To ascertain if the property is subject to any Rights of Common or is part of a Village Green.

Mining Search:

  • To see if the property may be adversely affected by past or future coal mining activities.

Water Authority Search:

  • This may be required in addition to a local search

Upon receipt of draft contract we will:

  • Investigate the seller’s title
  • Check the Information Forms and raise any further enquiries needed
  • Agree form of contract with seller’s solicitors
  • Agree completion date

Specific matters that will be checked are:

  • Any rights over the property
  • Any rights with the property
  • Boundaries
  • Restrictive or other covenants relating to the property

In the purchase of Leaseholds we also investigate the terms of the Lease to ensure:

  • That the tenant has the right to assign and sublet
  • That the Landlord’s covenants are acceptable
  • That the service charge provisions are adequate
  • That the lease is enforceable between all tenants
  • That the building is insured by the Landlord

We will:

  • Ensure the buyer has received an acceptable mortgage offer and then meet with buyer to advise on the contract or send the buyer a Report on Title. Just prior to exchange of contracts the deposit, normally 10% of the purchase price, will be required.
  • Exchange contracts
  • Draft Transfer or other purchase Deed
  • Prepare and obtain signatures to Mortgage Deed
  • Obtain Mortgage advance from lender and any balance to complete from buyer
  • Make Title searches
  • Complete and obtain release of keys
  • Stamp Transfer, register Title and send deeds to lender


Local Searches

These vary from Council to Council but some examples are:

Kensington & Chelsea – £200.00
Ealing – £130.00
Hammersmith – £120.00
Camden – £115.00
Richmond – £140.00
Westminster – £115.00
Hounslow – £135.00
Wandsworth – £165.00

Stamp Duty

Payable by the buyer on the Purchase.

£0-£60,000 – Nil
£60,001 – £250,000 – rate of 1.0%
£250,001-£500,000 – rate of 3.0%<
over £500,000 – rate of 4.0%

On the grant of a new lease duty is also payable on the amount of rent payable e.g. on a ground rent of £300 p.a. and a lease of under 100 years – £36.00

Land Registry Fees (to register title)

These are on a fixed scale and vary from time to time. Current examples are:

Value of Property

£70,000 – 100,000 Land Registry Fee: £100.00
£100,001 – 200,000 Land Registry Fee: £200.00
£200,001 – 500,000 Land Registry Fee: £300.00

Other Land Registry Fees

Office Copy Title: £4.00
Office Copy Plan: £4.00
Office Copy Document: £4.00
Title Search: £4.00
Bankruptcy Search per name: £2.00

Other Fees

Bank Transfer Fees: £24.67
Copy Documents (from local Authority) approx.: £10.00
Landlords Registration Fee approx.: £20.00
Company Search approx.: £30.00
Water Utility Search: £35.25
Managing Agents Fees approx.: £50.00
Commons Search: £ 6.00


This Article is written by Brenda Zoller,  a Partner at Garner & Hancock.

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