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Residential Conveyancing Services

Garner & Hancock Property Solicitors are dedicated to both Residential and Business Conveyancing.  We can advise on all aspects of property transfer and related mortgage arrangements.

Why Us

As a member of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, we are here to ensure that your property deal runs as smoothly as possible.

The Importance of Conveyancing

Buying or selling a property is not to be taken lightly.

Property inspections help identify potential structural problems, but it does not show any adverse items that potentially affect the property and the land it is built on. This requires a thoroughness and attention to detail.

A Broader Range of Legal Support

We differ from standard Conveyancers. Because Property Transactions often bring with them many considerations you can rely on us to support you in many other related areas.

Alongside Conveyancing services, we provide a wider view, including Wealth Protection Wills Probate & TrustsFamily Law and more for a considered approach to managing your most important assets, your family and your home, now and in the future.

Conveyancing Steps for buying and selling homes

Buying a Property

  • Write to seller’s solicitors requesting a draft contract and title papers.
  • Review and approve contract and title papers when received and raise any relevant queries with the seller’s solicitors.
  • Request searches and review
  • Review mortgage offer when received.
  • Review searches when received and raise further queries if necessary.
  • Prepare Report on Title and send to the client along with the contract and any relevant documents for signing in readiness for the exchange of contracts.
  • Request deposit from the client unless there is a related sale
  • Exchange Contracts.
  • Send Draft Transfer for approval to the seller’s solicitors.
  • Request Mortgage funds
  • Draft and send completion statement to the buyer showing balance due to complete
  • Transfer purchase money on day of completion.
  • Pay Stamp Duty on completion.
  • Register client’s title to the property and the mortgage in favour of the lender

Selling a Property

  • Download seller’s title to the property at the Land Registry
  • Prepare and send draft contract, property information forms and title papers to the buyer’s solicitors.
  • If selling a leasehold property obtain an information pack from the Freeholder or Managing Agent for which they will charge a fee of between £100-£500 approximately.
  • Forward queries received from the buyer’s solicitors to the seller for reply.
  • Respond to queries from the buyer’s solicitors
  • Exchange contracts when all queries satisfied.
  • Approve Transfer and send to seller for signature.
  • Obtain redemption statement from seller’s lenders
  • Draft and send completion statement to the seller showing the proceeds of sale due after deductions to the seller.
  • Complete sale on receipt of purchase funds. Redeem seller’s mortgage and pay any remaining balance to the seller.
  • Send signed Transfer and any relevant documents to the buyer’s solicitors
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will you do to buy my house?

A. This will check if there are any Conveyancing Disbursements such as road building proposals, planning permissions, charges on the property, outstanding notices, public or private drains, Compulsory Purchase Orders and Railway Construction Proposals.

Q. What will you do to sell my house?

A. This will check if there are any Conveyancing Disbursements such as road building proposals, planning permissions, charges on the property, outstanding notices, public or private drains, Compulsory Purchase Orders and Railway Construction Proposals.

Q. What will you do when you receive the draft contracts?

A. After receiving your Draft Contract, we will edit it to include different details in the transactions. These details may include fixtures, contents, and fittings. Additionally, we will also inform you of the additional costs such as land registry fees, leasehold notice fees, and similar obligatory expenditure.

Q. What happens after Exchange of contracts?

A. For buying properties, exchange of contracts usually finishes within 6-8 weeks of receipt of the contract pack. Once this process is complete, we will approve the form of Transfer and send it to the seller for signature. For selling properties, once this process is complete, we create Draft Transfer or other purchase Deed. Then prepare and obtain the signatures to Mortgage Deed.

Q. What disbursements will you charge me?

A. There are different types of disbursements charged to our clients. We have provided a list of these disbursements below for further reference.

Q. What is the stamp duty at the moment?

A. The complete breakdown of the current stamp duty is provided in the charts below.


Client completed Property Purchase July 2020 and feedback as follows:
“My experience with a property purchase in Lincolnshire went well with the Garner and Hancock team. Despite issues arising that needed to be addressed, these were effectively negotiated with the sellers side, all satisfactorily. The service provided in this exchange/completion contract was careful and timely. I would easily recommend Garner and Hancock in conveyancing for a home purchase. Thank you.”

Mr D Houghton
Mr Gurdev Singh Mann Head of Property

“I had a very pleasant experience with Garner & Hancock Solicitors. GH team were professional and very responsive by keeping me informed throughout the process, even during the coronavirus pandemic. I will recommend them to my friends and family”

Ms R. Chen
Mr Gurdev Singh Mann Head of Property

Our Guarantee

Our Fees are Fully Inclusive

  • No extra sum to pay off a current mortgage;
  • No fees for dealing with your new mortgage;
  • No disbursement fees which are not paid out
  • No "petty sneaky incidentals" added to the bill
  • No extra fee for professional indemnity;

No Hidden Charges

  • No faxes, postage and internet charges
  • No charge for receiving money
  • No charges for enquiries from the Land Registry
  • No photocopying charges
  • No charges for holding the file

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If you would like some help or advice, then please feel free drop us a note using the form below and we can book you a call with a solicitor.

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One Person deal with. You will know the individual solicitor dealing with your matter so that you do you won't speak to someone different every time you call.

Genuine Solicitor

You can be sure it is a solicitor dealing with your matter from the outset – not an unqualified person “supervised” by a solicitor.

Meet in Person

...when you need to. Being able to meet and discuss matters face to face can be very beneficial, especially when difficulties arise or matters need to progress rapidly.

Highly Knowledgeable

We are a firm with a depth of expertise. You may need assistance in future on a range of related issues, so why not establish a relationship with a firm that can advise on more than just your house move.

No Referral Fees for Anyone

Some estate agents recommend a conveyancing firm because of “referral” payments they might receive. We get a lot of our business from family or friends recommending us, and our policy is not to pay referral fees.

Our Property Law Solicitors

Property Solicitor

Mr. James Harrison

Consultant- Property Department

0208 232 9560

Property Solicitor

Mrs. Komal Soni

Licensed Conveyancer

020 3962 0319

Ms. Sophie Winter

Trainee Solicitor


Property Advice

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Garner & Hancock awarded the excellence mark in Conveyancing

“CQS improves efficiency with common, consistent standards and service levels and enables consumers to recognise practices that provide a quality residential conveyancing service.


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