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Things to look out for in remortgaging your property.

  1. All remortgages mean paying off the original mortgage (even if it is with the same provider) and raising a new mortgage on the property.
  2. The title deeds will change as your new new mortgage company will be inserted into the register
  3. The process is the same as buying a house. The only difference is that there is no exchange of contract.
  4. When remortgaging as couples both need to sign the documents and confirm to the solicitor where the money will go. If a dispute arises than the conveyancer will have to stop acting.
  5. Remortgages often take between 2-4 weeks subject to the mortgage monies being ready. However, it could take longer to register the charge.
  6. As we are on the Panel of most lenders we can act for you and the mortgage company. We effectively have two hats. We act to protect the mortgage companies interest by securing the charge and redeeming the original charge and act for you that the you continue to be owner and release any monies to you


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