Dispute Resolution


What is Dispute Resolution?

Whether it is a Landlord and  Tenant matter, employment issues or debt recovery, indeed any type of dispute we can help you resolve it by using our strategic and expert advice to find the most cost effective solution.

dispute resolutionHow do we resolve disputes? – What are our special skills?

We use: Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration with good old fashioned straight talking legal advice. We give you an early assessment on the merits of your case. Our experienced team will get you through the trauma of litigation but with an eye on costs.

  • We employ the best Tracing Agents, investigators to find out as much about the opponent before we start.
  • We have a team of chosen mediators who are effective at resolving disputes without going to court.
  • We employ the best expertise cost effectively, whether this be Barristers, Surveyors or experts.

 9240240833_3ed48f95b3_zTo sue or not to sue?

But first we always give you full frank assessment of your case. We shall look at the merits and most importantly recovery of your asset or money.

We can even assist you in finding out whether your opponent will have the means to pay you if you win.


Alternative ways to fund your case

It is always important to consider how you are to fund your case. There are now a number of ways we can help you with this.

  • Litigation funding companies – Companies lend you money on the strength of you case.
  • No win no Fee (also known as a conditional fee agreement)
  • Damages Related Agreement (we take a percentage of the winning sum)
  • Sears Tooth Agreements (waiting for the fees until sale of the house)

What type of Disputes can we help in?


Debt Collection

Landlord & Tenant



We advise on the following areas.


Family Disputes

We are renowned for our family experience. Tap into our wealth of knowledge and strategic advice to get the best from your case. Whether you are fighting for your finances or children, we will offer you the most effective advice to get you what you are entitled to – we promise.

Contractual Disputes

  • Oral Contracts
  • Building contracts
  • Company contracts
  • Consumer contracts
  • Promises to pay
  • Debts


Our dispute resolution solicitors can help resolve your contractual disputes. Whether a supplier is failing to fulfill their part of the contract or a client is refusing to pay you for goods or services, we can advise you as to the appropriate course of action. We have substantial experience in analysing contracts and advising on the most practical and cost effective means of enforcement.

Debt Recovery

We have effective strategies to recover money on your behalf

If you are owed money we can help you recover it. We can offer strategic advice to get you money quickly and cost effectively. How do we do this? We have contacts who can investigate debtors, provide a full report of assets they may have. We can then decide on the most effective method of seeking judgement or other enforcement methods.


Property Disputes

See our specialist advice leaflet

Our expert property solicitors who deal with property disputes will protect your interests and aim to settle any dispute in a pragmatic, practical and cost effective way. Where appropriate we will advise you on the benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) see below.

Our team advise on:

If your professional adviser has provided you with advice which falls below the standard that you are entitled to expect and you have suffered loss or damage as a result you may be able to clam compensation for their professional negligence.

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Our professional negligence solicitors can deal with claims against professional advisers including solicitors, accountants, surveyors, architects.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

ADR is an alternative to legal proceedings through the courts. Consideration of ADR is also actively encouraged where court proceedings have been started as an alternative method of settling the case rather than pursuing the matter to a final hearing or trial. The two main forms of ADR are mediation and arbitration. Both forms are conducted in private and give rise to potential savings in both time and costs. See our article on When to Mediate and when not to Mediate

We use the  Collabrative process in our range of negotiating armoury. – Click here for more information of the Collaborative Scheme

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Our team will discuss with you all options available to pursue your case and will advise you where ADR is appropriate.




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