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Lasting Powers of Attorney

What is it and why do I need it?

Why should you consider a Lasting Power of Attorney (often referred to as an “LPA”)?

Dealing with the unknowns –  health – dementia – nursing home care – hospitalisation

Making a Lasting Power of Attorney ensures that one or two trusted people can make decisions for you, either with immediate effect (Personal Welfare LPA only) or when you lack the ability to make them in the future.

What are the types of LPA?

Property & Affairs LPAs – “PALPA“

Appoints attorneys to make decisions such as buying or selling a house for you, managing your finances or claiming your benefit entitlements.

Personal Welfare LPAs – “PWLPA”

Appoints attorneys to make decisions such as where you should live, what medical treatment you should consent to having, and your day to day needs.

Who can be my Attorney?

Who you choose is a decision for you; however you should make sure that it is someone whom you trust absolutely to make the right decisions for you. Rather than choose only one person, it might be better to consider appointing a second trusted person, as this reduces the risk of the power to make such decisions being abused.

Perhaps you might choose family members or perhaps a professional who deals with complex decisions and a family member to deal with day to day issues such as paying your bills and collecting your benefit payments.

You can choose how much authority you want to grant to your attorneys; you may wish to grant a general power granting them authority to manage all your property and affairs, or you may wish to place limitations upon what decisions they can make for you. Such a decision on your part needs to be specifically stated in your LPA.


At Garner & Hancock Solicitors, we offer knowledgeable and professional advice, at a reasonable cost to everyone. Whatever your concerns or your circumstances, our LPA Solicitor, Niamh Murphy, would be happy to offer free initial consultation to you, either over the telephone, skype or in an appointment. Should you be housebound or in a hospital or hospice, then our LPA Solicitor could come and see you, for no additional charge.

Do you offer fixed fees?

Yes, Please feel free to call our LPA Solicitor for qualified, reliable and specialist advice . We will provide you with the advice you need to make your own decisions on how to plan for the future.

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