Could you make a will by a text or a voice mail?

The Law Commission, Government’s legal advisors, believes that our will making laws are too onerous and outdated. They think that we should now be adapting to the current technology means. As a result, they have introduced a proposal changing the existing law, which has been governing how wills are made for almost two centuries.

Under the current system, a will needs to be in writing, signed by a testator and two witnesses. This has been branded as outdated by the Law Commission. A simple text, email or even a voice mail could potentially suffice in the future. It is very likely that this could bring uncertainty over the testator’s true wishes. Consequently, more claims against estates may occur.


Garner and Hancock Solicitors believe that a disposal of one’s estate should be considered with much more care than a text message can ever offer. No matter what the value of the testator’s estate is, it still requires the same consideration. A simple text or voicemail is very unlikely to offer the certainty over one’s assets in the same way as a properly drafted will.

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