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Local Searches

These vary from Council to Council but some examples are:

Kensington & Chelsea £200.00
Ealing £130.00
Hammersmith £120.00
Camden £115.00
Richmond £140.00
Westminster £115.00
Hounslow £135.00
Wandsworth £135.00

Stamp Duty

Payable by the buyer on the Purchase.

On the grant of a new lease duty is also payable on the amount of rent payable e.g. on a ground rent of £300 p.a. and a lease of under 100 years - £36.00

£0-£60,000 Nil
£60,001 - £250,000 rate of 1.0%
£250,001-£500,000 rate of 3.0%
over £500,000 rate of 4.0%

Land Registry Fees (to register title)

These are on a fixed scale and vary from time to time. Current examples are:

Value of Property
Land Registry Fee
£70,000 - 100,000 £100.00
£100,001 - 200,000 £200.00
£200,001 - 500,000 £300.00

Other Land Registry Fees

Office Copy Title £4.00
Office Copy Plan £4.00
Office Copy Document £4.00
Title Search £4.00
Bankruptcy Search per name £2.00

Other Fees

Bank Transfer Fees £24.67
Copy Documents (from local Authority) approx.: £10.00
Landlords Registration Fee approx.: £20.00
Company Search approx.: £30.00
Water Utility Search £35.25
Managing Agents Fees approx.: £50.00
Commons Search £6.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I waive the requirement for an ILA?

No, you cannot waive the requirement for an ILA. This isn’t just to protect you but for also the institution or person you are leading with.

Is there a chance that the solicitor will not sign off the ILA certificate?

  1.  This is rare but can happen in the following circumstances:
  • Your ID is unsatisfactory
  • You are unsure of the details of the transaction
  • You do not understand or speak English
  • You seem confused or unable to communicate properly
  • The other person involved in the transaction is in the same room
  • Even if the transaction is not in the best interest for you (and your solicitor will advise you on this) as long as you understand and have no undue influence, your solicitor is likely to sign off the ILA certificate.


  1. What does the solicitor need to be satisfied with:
  • Your ID
  • There has not been undue influence (you have not been pressured into entering into this transaction)
  • You understand the advice and the risks of transaction

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What are the costs for an ILA?

The costs vary depending on the lender but they are always fixed and there are no hidden charges. You only pay once we have given you the advice and not before.