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How to protect your assets – Seminar notes

There was huge interest in the seminar held at Syon Park earlier this week.

The topics covered were:

How to protect your assets from:

  1. The Taxman
  2. Care home fees
  3. Divorce
  4. former spouses
  5. Cohabitation claims
  6. Debt

We were asked questions which ranged from:

  • "Is there a tax efficient way of living in the house by yet give it away to my children"

  • "Will there be any benefit in helping my children with their first property whilst taking care not to fall foul of the rules about care home fees?"

  • Why are there restrictions on whom I can give my assets to in my will?

  • What are the dangers of giving away property, when it came to care home fees. 

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Seminar Notes