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Free Myth Busting Seminar

10 Questions you think you know the answer to…

6th November 2019

The Hilton Syon Park

Registration and drinks – 6:30 pm
Seminar – 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

10 Questions you think you know
the answer to…

  • Can I leave my assets to whomever I like?
  • If I give my kids the house, can they kick me out?
  • Can I avoid probate if I make a Will?
  • Will I have to pay UK Inheritance Tax on all my assets, here and abroad?
  • Can I avoid Inheritance Tax by giving all my money away?
  • Do I need a health LPA when my doctor knows what’s best?
  • Can I leave my Bitcoin fortune to my kids?
  • Can I get my property back if my child gets divorced?
  • If my partner and I own the property, will I get it when they die?
  • As an attorney/executor can I do what I want?

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- Presentations from:

Mr. Vinay Tanna

(Managing Partner)

Mr. Daniel Flynn

(Dispute Resolution Partner)

Mr. Jakub Kotan

(Private Client Associate)

DATE: Wednesday 6th November 2019
VENUE: The Hilton Syon Park
TIME: Registration and drinks – 6.30 pm
         Seminar – 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm

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