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Deed of Separation

Alternative to Divorce


A Deed of Separation is a document which can be considered an alternative to a divorce and matrimonial orders. A Deed of Separation may be drawn up and executed by the parties who have been in a relationship (married or unmarried) and who have financial and children issues which require to be documented. It is used where that marriage has broken down and where the parties do not wish to have recourse to the Courts for the purpose of agreeing the terms of the breakdown. A Deed of Separation will make provision for Residence (custody), Contact (access) to children, maintenance, division of matrimonial property and Inheritance Act rights. The terms will be committed to writing and signed by both parties. This is different to a Declaration of Separation.

 A simpler and effective alternative to Divorce and matrimonial financial proceedings

We offer a fixed fee to draw up a Deed of Separation. We suggest you speak to us first to decide whether this is appropriate for you. You can speak to us free and confidentially. Please contact us

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