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Free Life Planning Seminar by Nigel George TEP and Ian MacKendrick

Date: Thursday 23rd November from 2-4 PM.
Venue: Charlotte House Care Home, Snowy Fielder Waye, Isleworth London TW7 6AE
Contact: georgie.wilkins@careuk.com

Life Planning – Why everyone should have a Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney and take Investment advice.

Dying without a will can mean your estate goes to those you dislike as opposed to those you love and can result in the paying of Inheritance tax when a will would have avoided it all together. Not having a Lasting Power of Attorney for finance and health can mean your finances can’t be accessed when you are ill, bills don’t get paid and problems arise. You wishes are not respected and you’re subjected to medical treatment you would never have wanted.

How do you ensure you invest your money so that there is sufficient for you to have a comfortable retirement?

If you would like to no more about these issues and what you need to do to protect yourself and your loved ones then you need to come to Planning for Future Care on the 23rd November from 2-4 PM. This FREE event will be taking place at Charlotte House Care Home, Snowy Fielder Waye, Isleworth London TW7 6AE. There are a limited number of seats available so early booking is recommended by contacting georgie.wilkins@careuk.com Free parking available on site.

THE SPEAKERS WILL BE: Nigel George TEP solicitor and partner in Garner & Hancock who will be sharing his near half century of experience in the importance of having a Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney and telling of some of the problems and pitfalls which can arise when you don’t have them. Ian MacKendrick SOLLA accredited Chartered Financial Planner will be sharing his 30 years knowledge of how best to manage your money in later life. Both of them having worked a lot in the area of dementia and bring a mix of practical knowledge and experience which look at the legal, financial and personal aspects of growing older and getting the best from it.