Selling a Property with Tenants in Situ

If you want to sell your rental property, you have two options available – sell with vacant possession, or sell with the tenants in situ. Selling with vacant possession Selling with vacant possession means that the property is empty on completion day. The tenants have been given notice, moved out ... Read More >>

Taxes for Unmarried Couples

Married couples enjoy greater tax benefits than unmarried couples. If you are cohabiting – meaning you live together but you are not married or in a civil partnership – you might want to explore this in greater detail. There may be ways of limiting your tax liabilities. Or you may even decide that ... Read More >>

Buying a Property and Stamp Duty Land Tax

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is the tax payable when you buy a property or piece of land. The amount you pay depends on the value of the property, and whether you are an individual, a company or an investor. Buying a property as an individual Currently in England, if you and any other joint owners ... Read More >>

Dealing with Digital Assets After Death

What happens to my Facebook account when I die? Thanks to the rise of the digital age, this question is being asked increasingly often. Yet according to a recent YouGov survey, 52% of people said they had not put any arrangements in place. It’s not just Facebook. What about your other social ... Read More >>

Renegotiating a Commercial Lease

If your commercial lease is due to expire, you must decide whether you want to remain in the premises or vacate. If you wish to stay, you are perfectly entitled to renegotiate the terms of your lease. Your landlord may not agree to every request, but if the market conditions are right, you will have ... Read More >>

Should I Buy a Property with a Short Lease?

If you are looking for a property to buy, you may come across a flat with a short lease. Chances are that the asking price is lower than other, similar properties. This makes it a very tempting proposition. Finally, you have found your dream home – and it’s within your budget. But what’s the deal ... Read More >>

Whose Fault is Divorce?

Whose fault is a divorce? This is a loaded question and can heighten feelings of animosity between separating couples. Often, a couple can feel like the divorce is nobody’s fault but, at the moment, in order to get a divorce quickly, one party has to place blame on the other. However, attributing ... Read More >>