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Time to make a will?

The sun is out, the children are noisy and most of us have managed to buy a few rolls of toilet paper!  It wasn’t the first thing which came to mind as the current crises unfolded but these are strange times.  Many of us are stuck at home with the opportunity to tackle some of those tasks which we ... Read More >>

Settlement Agreements and Redundancy

Settlement Agreements – formally known as Compromise Agreements – are often offered in redundancy situations. You can negotiate the terms of the agreement, or even refuse it altogether, if it’s in your best interests. What is a Settlement Agreement? A Settlement Agreement is a contract between an ... Read More >>

Buying the Freehold of a Flat

If you are fed up with paying ground rent on your flat, you could consider buying the freehold. This would mean you own both the property and the land on which it is built, giving you total control. Leasehold and freehold explained If you are not too sure what we mean by this, then let us explain. ... Read More >>