Will they, won’t they?

Just as soon as it was back, it was gone again. The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill, originally introduced by Theresa May’s government, was lost when the Queens Speech was called in September, then reinstated, then lost again to the general election. It is now unclear whether this ... Read More >>

The Personal Effects of the Tenant after Eviction

If you are a tenant renting a house or a flat and your tenancy is nearing an end and thinking of leaving some of your possessions/ items behind when you leave, you might be wondering: What will happen if I leave anything behind? When you leave the property, any items which are left behind ... Read More >>

Can I make a gift as Deputy (attorney) under an LPA?

Can I make a gift as an attorney? Being a loved-one’s attorney or deputy (“Attorney”) appears to be an onerous task at times. Attorneys usually act on the basis of a Lasting Power of Attorney or under a court order as deputies. Acting in the best interest of the donor is the most important ... Read More >>

Family Court Reforms

Brought into effect today, the current changes to the family court service have been described by Sir James Munby, president of the family division, as “the largest reform of the family justice system any of us have seen or will see in our professional lifetimes”. The reforms are designed to ... Read More >>

Tenancy Deposit Schemes – What you need to know

Who are we? I am a litigation paralegal at Garner and Hancock LLP and specialise in residential possession cases. This article briefly summarises and considers the protection of tenants’ deposits, highlighting the dangers for Landlords or their agents who fail to follow the new guidelines being ... Read More >>

My tenants are in arrears, can I evict them?

When can I evict the tenant when they fall into arrears? There are three grounds for possession of property based on ‘rent’ . The first ground is discretionary and involves the Tenant missing a payment on the date on which proceedings for possession are begun. The second is also discretionary ... Read More >>