STEPS – Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners

12985599065_cc66a6a9efAs members of STEPS Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners we can give you the best advice at affordable rates.

STEPS – The worldwide professional association for practitioners dealing with family inheritance and succession planning

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in helping people through what can be a difficult time and emotional time. The Executors or Personal Representative of an estate are legally responsible for ensuring that the estate is distributed in accordance with the deceased person’s Will and the law.



We understand that dealing with an estate can be complex and daunting and our dedicated team of lawyers are able to guide you through this. If you have been appointed as an Executor and are uncertain of what this role entails, or if you feel overwhelmed by what is involved, you need not struggle alone. You are permitted to take legal advice and the legal costs of usually paid from the deceased’s estate.


Whether there is a Will or not we will help you to sort out the financial affairs and will help you through the process of dividing the estate between the people who are entitled to it.

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