Change of Name Deed



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You may need a Change of Name Deed also know as a Declaration of a Change of Name, if:

1. If you want to change your name say from your married name to your maiden or other name. This is free on our Divorce Packages.

2. If you want to remove a middle name

3. If you want to change the spelling of your name

4. You may wish to adopt a name that you have been called and known by, but you wish to do this formally

5. You need to alert the authorities to a name that you have used in other documents so as to make the names in all your affairs consistent


You will need further legal advice if you are proposing to change the name of a child.

For certain professions and certain formal documents you may need to actually have “a change of name by Deed Poll”. We will need to advise you further on this.


We can give a very quick turn around for such documents.